Upcycled iPhone 13 Magnetic Case

Upcycled iPhone 13 Magnetic Case

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This Upcycled iPhone 13 Magnetic Case is designed to give your smartphone a stylish new look as well as provide superior protection against bumps and scrapes. A new addition to our Upcycled Collection, it is available in charcoal and is made from the finest surplus leather from our cars. Built-in magnets perfectly align with the iPhone 13. As well as offering secure attachment, the built-in magnets deliver faster wireless charging. The magnetic case can be used together with the Upcycled Magnetic Cardholder, which is available separately. For extra protection, the case also features high-impact resistant polycarbonate (PC) and flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).


Size: 150 mm x 75 mm x 11 mm

Magnet type: 1MM, 240mT/2400GS


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