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We’re proud to announce that the latest Volvo Car Lifestyle Collection is almost here. With our passion for sustainable design, we develop products with a modern Scandinavian touch and great quality. We hope you enjoy it!

This Spring/Summer Collection 2023, we introduce you to the future. Microtech is here to elevate the Volvo Car Lifestyle Collection to the next level! Sustainability is a key element of Scandinavian design and the inspiration behind our Upcycled Collection.

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Upcycled Sunglass Holder Microtech
Harman Kardon Citation 200
Stelton Water Bottle
Upcycled Key Sleeve Microtech
Upcycled AirTag Holder Microtech
Upcycled Key Ring Microtech
Upcycled Charger Cable Type-C to Apple Microtech
Upcycled AirTag Holder Microtech